Welcome to My Web Site

Hi! My name is Mazzina and I see myself as a sexual mistress. Don’t think mistress in the infidelity sense of the word, think of it more as a mistress of sexual experiences. I just love engaging with a wide variety of guys and girls, experiencing new things whenever I can. I’m using this website to share my knowledge and experiences in all these aspects. One thing I haven’t mentioned… I’m a squirter! All of the guys and girls I’ve been with have found this to be one of the most arousing things about me. Not many girls have the ability to do this, but I do and I use it as often as I can.

If you are not looking for a mistress and so rather an escort then please go elsewhere, such as an outcall London escort agency or one of the other sites that are great for London escorts.

To make it easier to navigate I’ve grouped my experiences by the type of girl I’ve been with. If you’ve ever thought what it might like to be with a busty babe, an exotic Asian beauty or a fiery redhead – today is the day you can finally read about my personal experiences with all these types of girls. I’ve recollected some of my most memorable experiences and added them to the articles on the website. My tales are not for the faint of heart as my descriptions are pretty graphic so it makes for some extremely arousing reading – you have been warned!

Life is about experiences and I’m hoping my adventures will fuel you on to go out and create your own experiences. I’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you so feel free to read through my articles to see if a specific girl is your cup of tea.

Hugs and kisses.